I’ve always been a romantic. Some may say to a fault even, but it has never stopped me from being a dreamer. Few things have competed with my adoration for romance novels, movies, and any stories of the like. While in the search for my own fairytale, happy ending, and frankly true love, I keep stumbling across the same passions of mine. As if the universe require I find myself first. Fashion, people, and travel have all consumed my heart at various points in my life.  All of which I have been lucky enough to delve deep into the studies of; but my dream was yet to be mastered.

I attended the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising graduating with an Associates of Arts degree, majoring in Product Development.  Following FIDM, I transferred to the University of La Verne and graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Business Administration. I worked in the fashion industry for 13 years, traveled the world, and still…something was missing.

I felt a void of creativity.

So I did what I always did to keep myself from thinking about it. Took to my preferred outlet for as long as I could remember, tied up my hair, flung on my mom’s handiest apron, put on my favorite rom-com, and started baking. In these instances, it was usually my favorite cheesecake recipe, the same one I had been using since I was a kid. Often the sprinkle-filled cake my sisters insisted on, doused in chocolate frosting. Sometimes fresh cookies for my nieces that then evolved into my now signature Brookies, (still not allowed to show up without a batch to my friends’ parties.) Maybe it was my loved-ones so delighted by the confections, or taste testing until I had the recipes just right and enough sugar in me to satisfy a lifetime, but something about baking…filled the void.

Like the second the oven is perfectly preheated, the testing skewer pulls out clean from all 3-cake tiers, the timer went off at the perfect tick. In that moment, the universe could have been Ryan Gosling in a canoe, Richard Gear in a white limo, Matthew McConaughey rushing at me on a motorcycle, Taye Diggs professing his love for hip-hop on the radio, McDreamy proposing on a post-it note,  the loudest romantic whisper I have ever heard…

I had to have my own bakery.

I researched everything necessary and within a couple years’ time, I attended Le Cordon Bleu's Patisserie and Baking program and opened Sweet Nothings Cake Shop.   A sparkly little gem in my hometown, filled with all the tools needed for custom desserts and a warm cup of coffee. A cozy shop with pleasantly trendy art-inspired decor to sit back and enjoy the free WI-FI.  Sweet Nothings Cake Shop, with an assortment of desserts every week to satisfy a community’s’ cravings for sweets and fulfill my heart with every cupcake swirl and rom-com still playing in the background.

Thank you for visiting my dream!

Isabel Moreno, Owner